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  • Punctuality ( within 15 mins of estimated arrival time) 96.5% 96.5%
  • Customer Satisfaction Index 98% 98%
  • Commitment to providing a great move? 100% 100%

Why choose us?

There are lots of moving companies out there in Ireland, from the many variations of ‘man with a van’, to the companies who apparently think all your furniture is made of rubber so it must bounce when dropped (!), to large companies who seem to charge the same price AS the house, just to move your house, and will bombard you with paperwork to sign in triplicate (all of which seems to say..’If something goes wrong, it’s not OUR fault!! in legalise).

Amongst all of these, there’s only 1 company (yep, you guessed, us!) who have more actual, real, 5 star and excellent reviews than anyone else on AnyVan (where our profile is WV4NM). These are all verified clients, who again and again, say that Frankie and the team have gone ‘above and beyond’ and provided a simply exceptional professional and value for money service.

We’ve a customer satisfaction rating of 100% across 576 jobs!!!

So..to see what all the fuss is about, about removals by Frankie, and for the best possible quote price, contact us directly here on Moving Line. You will be glad you did!

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